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If we could have one superpower, it would be the ability to remodel our kitchens instantly. Unfortunately, extending a tiny kitchen by six feet is more complex. Still, we have several tricks under our sleeves for Plastic Handy Baskets generating additional storage space in confined kitchens.

Erect hooks for hanging cups

Mugs are necessary for morning coffee but don’t stack neatly and take up Plastic Handy Baskets. It is simple to remedy by mounting hooks under a shelf or cabinet and hanging mugs by their handles.

Purchase a chopping board that can hang over your sink

This image may include a plant, food, a sink, and vegetables. The need for counter space is constant, but a simple solution is to get a cutting board that fits over the sink to add an area for chopping. A lot of them come with colanders that make preparation a snap.

Remove bulk products

Use Plastic Handy Baskets or large glass jars to arrange your space. To keep ingredients organized and visible, decant bulk materials into containers.

Increase the side storage space on your refrigerator

A magnetic shelf is detachable and extremely simple to install, making it ideal for renters.

Put on a pot rack

Utilize the vertical space in your kitchen by installing a pot rack to help store all the pans currently on the burner or take up room in your cabinets. Consider placing it above the kitchen sink if your ceilings are low.

Include dividers for pans, lids, and baking sheets

If you regularly hear a loud clanging or an avalanche of lids when you open the cabinet door, it’s time to arrange those pots and pans. Stack pots and lids within the cabinet and add a couple of pan dividers. You may also arrange baking sheets and pans by arranging the dividers perpendicular to the shelf.

To add extra storage to each shelf, use Plastic Handy Baskets

Utilize the vertical space by installing risers in cabinets. This will keep things divided, so you don’t have to dig through a thick stack to get what you need.

Purchase a spice rack

A shallow drawer will do just fine. Poof! Never again will you be unable to locate your spices. It also fits the grocery store’s standard-size spice jars, so there’s no need to transfer anything to new containers.

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Suspend your glassware

Your stemware stays orderly thanks to this bartender tip. It may be tucked inside a cabinet for concealed storage or hung beneath to display your wine glasses.

Above a sink

Counter space is prized real estate in a compact kitchen. It’s time to get an over-the-sink alternative if you use a sizeable dish-drying rack that takes up important counter space. In addition to saving space, it also enables water to flow directly into the drain instead of into a dish or the surface.

Within the Cupboards

Look inside the cabinets in your kitchen. Is there a lot of open space between your shelves above and your stacks of bowls and cups? If you said “yes,” it’s time to spend money on stacking shelves that can utilize this vacant space. Add a bamboo shelf; you can store twice as many tea cups, platters, and bowls within a tall cabinet.

The void on the side of your refrigerator

You probably have a tiny space between the side of your refrigerator and the cabinet next to it unless your cabinets are custom-made. Utilize this area by installing a narrow rolling shelf. This thin, tiered shelf can conceal condiments, pantry items, and more.

You may pick from three different heights to find the one that aligns with your bottom countertop so that this stealthy organizer can be hidden yet still be accessible.


To make your kitchen more practical and less disorganized, try out these brilliant tips with Plastic Handy Baskets for organizing clutter and storing culinary necessities.

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