PR in Australia

Which process is the easiest way to get PR in Australia in 2022? Well, that depends on a variety of variables. The qualifying requirements, conditions, and selection criteria for Australia’s immigration programs are exclusive to that program.

Easiest Ways to Get PR in Australia

  • Points-based system

Australia uses a points-based system to evaluate the eligibility of immigration applications. It would be best if you first met the criteria for qualifying, which is 65 or more on a scale of 100.

  • Levels of migration planning

Every year, the government determines the levels of Best Australian migration agent planning and the number of spots for each migration program.

According to the Australian government’s immigration strategy, the category with the most spaces will be the Skilled Stream, which contains 79,600 immigration seats. You must fulfill the necessary conditions for the Skilled category, which include the following, to be qualified for a visa under this program:

Possess expertise in one of the professions listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List

Obtain a skill evaluation report for that occupation from an authorized authority.

  • Post a statement of interest
  • Being younger than 45
  • Fulfill the main criteria for Skilled Migration in general
  • Score on the points exam of at least 65.
  • Meet the standards for character and health

You have 60 days from the time you get the invitation to apply for the visa. Moving to Australia via any of these visas under the skilled migration program will lead to permanent residency in Australia after a few years of stay.

The three necessary visas offered under this stream are as follows:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): This visa is only available by invitation. To be eligible, you must have experience in one of the listed professions on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List.

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190): You are eligible for this visa if an Australian state or territory nominates you. Regional Skilled Work (Provisional) Subclass 491 This visa requires skilled workers and their families to spend five years residing, working, and attending school in designated regional zones.

  • Sponsored Migration by Employers

Your option may be to apply for the easiest way to get PR in Australiagiven the 30,000 spots available under the Employer Sponsored Migration program. The initiative matches job openings with immigrants with the necessary experience and abilities to address skill shortages in the Australian labor market.

Other immigration schemes to take into account:

Family sponsorship scheme: You can immigrate to Australia via this program if a family member is an Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident. 

The Distinguished: Talent visa is available to those who have made notable contributions to the arts, sports, research, or academia via employment. 

Eligibility requirements

  • You must have a history of outstanding achievement in your chosen field of work and recognition on a global scale in any field of the arts, sports, research, or academia.
  • Your contribution should benefit the Australian community or the nation, regardless of whether it is economical, social, cultural, or in another way.
  • You must demonstrate your ability to live and work in Australia or your ability to find employment in your field there. 
  • Global Talent Program: This program enables exceptionally bright and qualified people worldwide to live and work permanently in Australia.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates must be highly qualified in their industry and able to obtain employment in Australia quickly.
  • Candidates must demonstrate that, if selected through GTI, they will use their abilities to serve Australia and have gained recognition for their achievements on a global scale.
  • Candidates must have a history of notable professional achievements, including publications in foreign journals, essays, and patents, as well as experience in senior management.
  • Having a job offer is not a requirement for this program’s candidates.


Australia introduced a brand-new 5-year visa that was created to draw the unique talents and abilities required to expand and develop the country’s outlying districts.


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