PTE exam 2023

If you are looking forward to studying in a country where English is the native language, you need to take the PTE Examination and qualify for the said examination. 

PTE examination entirely focuses on your proficiency in the English language, which includes reading, writing, and speaking skills. People opt for the PTE exam because it is globally accepted worldwide, especially in English-speaking countries. 

Hence, if you want to strike gold, you must qualify for high PTE examination marks.

PTE 2023 –What’s new

First, the Good news. There have been changes in the duration of the PTE examination. Therefore, if you want to sit for the PTE examination that is entirely online and computer-based, the duration is two hours and fifteen minutes. The new pattern is divided into three categories:

  • Speaking and writing

The total time for speaking and writing skills is approximately one hour. There are seven questions where a student is tested based on his speaking and writing skills. The test involves reading clearly and loudly, describing images, and repeating sentences. 

The exam portrays the strength of a candidate in the English language. Hence, before taking the test, you must try the free practice test in PTE. It will give you a clear understanding of your English-language skills. Therefore, if any areas need improvement, you can work on them till you have expertise in the particular area. 

  • Reading skills

The reading examination of PTE is approximately half an hour. Here the student is tested on his speaking ability. Therefore, it is essential that during the PTE examination, you must be loud and clear, and your pronunciation of the words must be at par with the native English speakers. 

There are five questions in the reading skills examination where you get multi-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and other paragraph-based questions.

  • Listening skills

The third category of the PTE examination is to test your listening skills. The total duration of the listening skills test is around thirty to forty minutes. You will be provided with eight questions. The primary purpose of the test is to analyze your listening skills in English. You should understand what the speaker is trying to say and, at the same time, answer them correctly. 

Therefore, if you want to succeed in the PTE exam, opting for free practice tests is necessaryIt will not only improve your proficiency in English speaking, but your confidence level will also get a boost.

Latest updates on PTE Exam 2023

Following are the latest updates on PTE Exam 2023.

  • The admission fee for appearing for the PTE exam 2023 is Rs 14,700/- which includes all the taxes. 
  • The current duration of the PTE examination is less than one hour. Therefore, if you wish to sit for the PTE exam 2023, you will get two hours and fifteen minutes.
  • Since the number of intakes for the PTE exam is less due to safety measures, you must book the examination date early. Moreover, since the examination is held throughout the year, you can book a slot at your convenience. However, it is advisable to go for free practice tests before opting for the final examination.

PTE registration

If you want to register for the PTE exam 2023, you must follow specific guidelines to ensure no hiccups. Therefore, if you want to schedule a PTE examination, you must have valid ID proof, preferably your passport. You must also ensure that you show your ID proof on the day of the PTE examination; otherwise, you will not be permitted to enter the PTE exam test center.


The PTE examination is widely preferred around the globe, especially in English-speaking countries. So, if you wish to study or settle abroad, you must clear the PTE examination. However, checking the PTE exam 2023 guidelines is advisable as there have been some significant updates. 

Once you give the examination, you will know your results within two days. Hence, if you want to succeed in the PTE examination, give your full potential to clear the examination with flying colors.


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