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There is a lot of opportunity in the energy sector, and you can build your career around it in ways more than one. One such avenue is as a professional energy consultant.

Here are some tips for building your career in this specific field and offering better service to those who come to you to consult energy jobs and help them flourish in the renewable energy arena.

Develop and Follow Your Area of Interest

To start with, focus on your specific area of interest in this particular field and develop yourself accordingly. Since renewable energy is a broad umbrella, focusing on any specific one will make you more proficient. It is much better than being a ‘Jack of all trades.’

Training and Education

After selecting your area of interest, focus on the training and education you need to make you an expert in this field and prove your metal to those who come to you to consult energy jobs.

Only with proper education and over time will you gain more experience and be able to meet all the demands and answer all queries of your clients.

However, make sure that everything aligns with the knowledge and education that you already have. Starting everything from scratch will be a sheer waste of time and energy.

Be Passionate and Volunteer

You will come across several organizations and groups dealing with alternative energy. Contact them early and create a network. This will not only help you gain more experience, but it will also enhance your chances to build a strong foothold in the field and get jobs in the future.

Diversify Your Knowledge

One who is passionate about the job will find it easy to succeed in this field. If you are, then do not hesitate to volunteer.

Do not confine your learning and training to the traditional aspects. Instead, diversify and expand your knowledge by acquiring specialized training in other fields that will help you hone your skill and in your primary job in the future.

These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Power systems
  • Green energy and
  • Environmental policies

Such additional knowledge will help you to be outstanding in your job and beat your competitors. You will also be able to make your clients who come to consult energy jobs happier by providing them with more sustainable advice and service.

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Go for an Internship

You will gain more knowledge and exposure if you go for an internship or apprenticeship. On successful completion, you will learn about different energy projects.

This will also allow you to meet other people in the industry with adequate knowledge in the area you want to specialize in. You may even get a full-time client if your service is impressive.

Stay Up-to-date

Ponder all sources to know more about the latest trends and events in the renewable energy sector. Some of these sources are:

  • Different events and seminars
  • Latest books and journals on renewable energy
  • Going through different blogs on your topic of interest on the internet
  • Meeting industry professionals and experts.

Since the renewable energy sector is constantly evolving, staying updated is elementary for your carer progression and satisfying your clients.

Be Precise and Honest

You must be honest with your clients and offer them precise advice and answers. This will help you grow your business since your clients will be your primary ambassadors, referrers, and advertisers.

Go out of the way and keep them educated with the latest information and trends. This will help in gaining more trust of your clients.

However, avoid creating an impression that you know everything about this field. Even if you know, do not make the person sitting on the other side of the table feel bad.

Also, be honest and bold enough to admit if you do not know anything or much about a specific matter. Ask for some time from your clients, and then make sure you get back to them with the correct answers.


Energy consultancy does not require direct involvement. You simply offer consultancy services to your clients. You may choose any path that appears most exciting to you. However, make sure that it is realistic.

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